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Three Weeks Post Op

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Three weeks ago today I handed my child over to surgeons I’d only met once.

A nurse walked him down the hall away from us to start the longest 4 hours of our lives.

Each minute leading up to surgery seemed like an hour. Each day seemed like a week. Each week seems like a month.

But now here we are... three weeks post op.

A lot has changed in 3 weeks. Nolan is stronger and so are we. We are all three different people than we were walking into that hospital.

I thank God everyday for the amazing staff at CHOA and for making a life saving operation seem like just another day at the office.

Nolan is thriving, and it’s only been 3 weeks. We all still have healing that has to take place, but each day now I am excited for the next.

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Randy Streetman
Randy Streetman
Dec 12, 2018

What a precious little baby boy! I will be praying for Nolan and your family every single day.


He is adorable. We miss and love you and are thankful everyday for life's miracles.

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