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This is our 4th year raising money for Baby Shushers for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, in honor of Nolan's Heart Surgery Anniversary. These tiny but mighty sound machines were a huge part of Nolan's heart surgery recovery, and have become a hospital patient, parent, nurse, and doctor favorite. 

Join us Friday, October 28 at 6:00 pm for an evening of round-robin tennis, dinner, and a raffle to raise funds for Baby Shushers for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Player Registration Fee: $40 


Friday, October 28, 6:00 pm

Registration fee includes:
Player Spot, 2 raffle tickets, and dinner.

Additional raffle tickets can be purchased on the night of the event. 

No registration is required for non-players.

*Each registration fee funds 2 baby shusher donations*

Our goal this year is to donate 400 baby shushsers. This means 400 cardiac children will have the gift of an easier recovery post heart surgery.  Thank you for being part of making this goal come to life.


To make an additional donation, you can do so via Venmo, PayPal, or at the event.  Every $20 received will purchase 1 baby shusher for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. 

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