Three Weeks Post Op

Three weeks ago today I handed my child over to surgeons I’d only met once. A nurse walked him down the hall away from us to start the longest 4 hours of our lives. Each minute leading up to surgery seemed like an hour. Each day seemed like a week. Each week seems like a month. But now here we are... three weeks post op. A lot has changed in 3 weeks. Nolan is stronger and so are we. We are all three different people than we were walking into that hospital. I thank God everyda

Two Weeks Post Op

Two weeks. 14 days. I can’t believe you are already two whole weeks out of surgery. The lead up to surgery was so slow but time is flying post op. I love seeing how much energy you have and things that used to be hard for you are now easy. I love knowing that your heart rate and breathing rates are within a normal range and not equivalent to being on a treadmill 24/7. I love seeing your increased energy, happiness, movement, and smiles. Soon weeks will turn into months but I