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WOW! What a year it has been. From countless doctors appointments to open heart surgery and heart failure, our little warrior has been through so much in a short time!

To honor Nolan for his first birthday (May 14) we have teamed up with Baby Shusher to help soothe other cardiac babies to sleep. It is simply a toy that says "SHHHHHhhhhh..... SHHHHHhhhhh". It is so soothing to babies!!

We love Baby Shusher and it was a staple in Nolan's recovery! We took it to the hospital with us and he loved the familiar sounds from home. MANY of the nurses and doctors commented on how amazing the Baby Shusher was and how they wished every baby recovering could have one!

Our goal is to raise $2,400! This will allow us to provide each room of the Cardiac Floor of CHOA Egleston with a Shusher! Many children have to recover from surgery alone, and this calming and familiar sound can help keep them calm when they need it the most.

To donate, please use PayPal ( Venmo Payments: @storyofmoore.

Thank you for supporting our journey, supporting our family, and supporting our heart community. We are forever changed and forever grateful for this last year!

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