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2019 - Here we come!

2018 has been the greatest and hardest year of my life. I learned you can feel 2 emotions at the same time — Happiness and sadness. Calm and chaos. Worry and content. Certainty and uncertainty. Peace and question. And sometimes you feel them all at once.


I learned being vulnerable doesn’t have to mean feeling helpless but feeling empowered. The more you put yourself out there, the more you open yourself to possibilities, ideas, and communities you didn’t even know existed.

I learned that sometimes saying nothing is the absolute perfect thing to say. And sometimes you just need your back rubbed and told it will all be okay.

I learned you can make friends out of strangers and sadly strangers out of friends. Sometimes you find the most in common with moms living across the country but somehow feel like they live next door.

I learned the more power you give something the more power it has. And nothing will have more power than what you give it.

I learned kindness spreads quickly. And connection and community bring people together the fastest.

I learned the phrase, “I wouldn’t change ____ for anything!”, is crap. There is plenty I would change but we have learned how to navigate the circumstances and cards we have been given.

I learned that no matter what we have gone through, we are still the lucky ones. Nolan is the happiest and strongest baby in the world. I know that he is destined for great things.

I learned I married the greatest man and I am so thankful he is walking this crazy journey with me.

I learned that I wish time could speed up and also stand still. And that it’s okay to have all the answers.

I learned to appreciate life a little more. No... I learned to appreciate life a whole lot more.


I learned to be more grateful. I learned to be strong. I learned how to persevere.

I learned that 2018 would be the greatest and hardest year of my life.


As 2019 starts we are ready for a year of good news, happiness, gratitude and healing. But will carry the lessons from 2018 with us forever.

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