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What to go to the beach babe?

This past month we went on our first family vacation. Just the 3 of us. Joel and I have both dreamed about this day since before we got married. Over the last six years we frequently talked about how we couldn't wait to take our first family vacation with our child. Now that this was a reality we were thrilled to be able to take Nolan to the beach at only four months old.

Joel and I both love to travel. For many years we would plan our next vacation on the last day of our current one. We would save up to go on trips, and both feel anxious when we haven't been somewhere in a while. Most of the time they are short trips to easy to get to destinations, but we have also traveled out of the country together five times in 6 years.

We started planning our beach trip before Nolan was born for the last week in September. This week was going to be his first fall break at the preschool he was attending. This was our plan, and we all know that I like plans.

Once Nolan was born, and we found out about his heart we knew that preschool would not be an option. We primarily live in a bubble and him being around germs, and other kids is honestly a danger for his heart and health.

Through all the struggles over the last five months, the diagnoses, the doctor's appointments, etc. We have still been planning our beach trip and looking forward to a week of normal.

We went to Blue Mountain Beach on 30-A and stayed at a condo right on the beach. Our room was on the first floor, and the baby monitor reached out to the pool. PRAISE.

We had the best week. Nolan is a fantastic traveler and never missed a minute of sleep. We ate seafood, walked the beach, swam in the pool, explored 30-A, ate some ice cream, napped, and went to bed early. It was exactly what we needed.

Some of our good friends happened to be staying at the same place this week for fall break, along with five other family friends of theirs. They adopted us into their group, and we could not have been more thankful!

My favorite part of the trip was knowing that we were living out the dream of our first family vacation and making memories just the 3 of us. It was the perfect way for us to relax and be normal for seven days.

No doctors, no stress, no worries, no schedules; just smiles, sunshine, salty air, and a whole lot of love.

We can't wait to get to take Nolan back next year and continue to travel as a family. Our hearts are so full, and there is still so much more to come.

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