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The Story of Moore

When I first started this blog (only three months ago), the goal was to simply have a place to share Nolan's story with our friends and family. To be honest, it was easier for me to share bad news on this forum than it was to call/text all of our friends and family. We were in a season of constant bad news and needed to be able to share our news just one time, and this allowed us to be able to do so while hiding behind the blog.

We could have never imagined the love and support that so many of you have shown. Because of this little blog idea we have already gotten connected with some fantastic people in the microtia community. We are also getting connected with other families with children that have Congenital Heart Disease.

This blog is already much more than a place to share bad news. It is also where we share the good news, great news, happy news. It is where we have been able to share Nolan's story and be supported with more love and positivity than we ever knew.

Thank you. Thank you for supporting us.

As we grow as parents and learn more about Nolan's RMA (right ear microtia atresia) and his CHD (congenital heart disease), we also learn that we are the lucky ones. Our child didn't have to stay in NICU when he was born. Our child has a normal functioning brain and will not have physical limitations that will hold him back from achieving anything he sets his mind to. Our child does not have a terminal or life-threatening illness. This is not lost on us, and we praise God daily that he chose us to be Nolan's parents.

Everyone has a story, and it is always more than meets the eye. You just have to be willing to stop and listen.

As I began to think of the future of this blog, I started to wonder what more we could do? With our last name being Moore it was simple to decide... The Story of Moore.

More doctors.

More learning.

More news (good & bad).

More time as a family.

More people to meet.

More love.

More positivity.

More growth.

More stories.

We want to continue to share our story while learning more about others too. Not just children with Microtia or CHD, but stories of other parents, other children, friendship, challenges, triumphs, vacations, etc. 

Our story has become so much more than what we thought it would, and we are so thankful that we can share it with all of you.

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4 коментари

Jani Forest-wyatt
Jani Forest-wyatt
08.09.2018 г.

This is a wonderful way to share Nolan's life. I love the name The Story of Moore as Moore was my Mum's maiden name and I feel close to the Moore side of my family. It's so wonderful to know other beautiful Moores. Can't wait to meet this amazing little man.


So proud of you as parents. Being a parent is challenging enough without the issues you have faced. We love you and we are praying for all of you!!


Laina, Joel, and Nolan, I have such respect, admiration, and love for the three of you!


Such a handsome boy! Much love and blessings to you all

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