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That isn't a word that I usually use to describe myself, but that is the exact feeling that Joel and I have at this moment.

Joel just went to check the mail (yes at 10:00 p.m.. We live in a new neighborhood, and all of the mailboxes are at the pool). I was expecting a package, and I wanted to make sure that it came today.

When Joel came in, I saw a large package form Stitch Fix. I was surprised by this because even though I order clothes from their subscription service, I had never received them in this type of packaging.

I opened it up, and it was a personalized bear and handwritten letter from the Stitch Fix team. I was BLOWN away.

When you start Stitch Fix you fill out an online profile, and they ask for your social media handles. Never did I think that someone was actually going to pay attention to what was going on in my life.

The card reads:

"Dear Laina,

We were so sorry to hear about your son's heart surgery, and we wanted to reach out and let you know that your family is in our thoughts! We hope this gift is a cozy reminder that you're surrounded by so much love and support and that you guys have the strength and courage to handle anything life throws your way. Sending nothing but healing vibes, patience, and positivity to you and Nolan!

All our love,

Your Stitch Fix Family"

I have never seen such a fantastic example of customer service.

To the Stitch Fix team member that took charge on this gift, thank you. Your kindness is not lost on us, and you have locked in a lifelong customer.

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Wow!! Amazing that such a large company pays attention to detail and goes above and beyond. How sweet and thoughtful! Nolan is one special little man!!!


WOW! Focus on the customers in its highest form. Plus, a super cute stuffed animal 🦒 for Nolan!

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