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"Play" Therapy

This is what a lot of play looks like in our house. It probably looks pretty similar to your house too. But there is a slightly different view from our lens. ⁣

We are focused on specific movements, balancing out the use of right and left, increased strength, and intentional weekly “homework” from Nolan’s PT and OT sessions. ⁣

I am so thankful that “work” and “play” looks the same for Nolan. We try to have the majority of his play be focused on a therapy goal. And are now the parents that buy new toys based on the motor skill they support. ⁣

Today we turned the @nuggetcomfort into a tower and had puzzle pieces on one side and the puzzle on the other. Nolan would grab a puzzle piece, throw it over, and then climb over and put the piece into the puzzle. ⁣

This is a fun game to him and he has no clue we had strategically chosen this to promote strength, his vestibular system, spatial awareness, motor skills, his memory, problem-solving, and coordination. ⁣

I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but if you are hesitant to start your child in therapy, don’t be... DO IT. These therapists and therapies are a GIFT to your child. I promise you will never regret giving them a little extra help. ⁣

I always relate it to glasses, if your child needed glasses you wouldn’t question it. This is the concept but oftentimes is painted in a negative light. There is nothing “wrong” with needing a little more help. ⁣

We are thankful for his amazing PT and OT therapists (and our friends that work in the PT/OT profession) for pushing us to intervene early, and working with us each step of this journey. ⁣

Oo and two weeks ago he couldn’t do any of this on his own and now only needs help with getting his footing. Keep working hard buddy, nothing can stop you!

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