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Microtia Day 2019

Tomorrow is Microtia Awareness Day and we want to wish a Happy Microtia Day to Nolan and all the other Microtia babies, children, and adults.⁣

What is Microtia? ⁣

Microtia is an underdeveloped ear. Atresia is the absence of an ear canal. Nolan has both in his right ear. ⁣

• Microtia affects 1 in 6,000 - 12,000 births. ⁣

• Microtia affects 500 babies per year in the USA⁣

• Microtia is seen in boys twice as often as girls ⁣

• The right ear is affected twice as often as the left ⁣

• More than 90% of children with Microtia and Atresia have hearing loss⁣

• There is no known cause ⁣

Nolan checks every box above, and these facts about Microtia can be found throughout many studies, publications, doctors, and clinics. ⁣

But below are things you won’t find when you research but things that I think are equally (if not, more) important to know about Microtia. ⁣

• Microtia does not mean you did something wrong during pregnancy ⁣

• Your child has Microtia, they are NOT only Microtia ⁣

• You come to love the little ear ⁣

• Microtia means you get to meet amazing people⁣

• Microtia means a lot of unknowns ⁣

• Microtia means you get to wear a hearing aid ⁣

• Microtia means you are part of an amazing community ⁣

• Microtia allows you to see the world a bit differently ⁣

• Microtia opens your heart to the idea that differences are beautiful⁣


Tomorrow we will celebrate our son and all others with Microtia by wearing blue. We invite you to do the same. ⁣

And no matter where you are in your story, always know there is so much more to come!

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