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It’s okay to ask for help.

On Friday Nolan had his first physical therapy evaluation. This is an appointment I was equally as nervous about as excited.

I was excited for him to get help and for us to learn how to help him more. Being a heart baby and having zero energy pre surgery + 6 weeks of recovery and low heart function post surgery = delayed milestones for Nolan.

Post surgery he has been working hard to catch up and we have seen incredible improvements in him but he still needed some professional help.

I was nervous because I felt we (I) had somehow failed him by not doing this sooner, not knowing these things ourselves, etc. My friends reassured me this was a silly thought but as a mom I think it’s a pretty natural thought process.

Friday’s evaluation was wonderful and our sweet OT gave us some homework to start working on.

In two days of practicing Nolan has been able to do this propped sit on his own. He is correcting himself when he starts to fall and is actually enjoying sitting. I’m so proud of him.


We have been to doctors and therapists I never knew existed. (Many we have requested scripts for) And I promise you, if you are nervous about these appointments, that is normal. But don’t let it hold you back. You are worthy of the help and I promise you the accomplishments you see in your child are worth it.

It takes a village. Tomorrow we have a helmet evaluation. One more thing.... but also one more great thing to help Nolan.

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He looks fantastic sitting like this! I am so proud of him and of you for finding caring people to help you and Nolan!


So happy Nolan is receiving all this great help and he is already responding. Continue prayers for him in 2019🙏😇❤️

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