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Heart Month - Day 8 (Hospital)

Children's Healthcare of Atalanta (CHOA) hold's such a giant place in our hearts. We often tell people having CHOA close by was a prayer we never had to pray. When we got thrown into this heart world we had access to top-notch care and that isn't lost on us.

Nolan has seen 9 specialists at CHOA:

• Cardiology

• Orthopedics

• Urologist

• Ophthalmologist

• Orthotist


• Audiologist

• Geneticist

• Pulmonologist

Every CHOA building, office, hospital, etc. gives a sense of calm, and I don't know how they do it. Our world has been crashing around us but this team somehow makes it all okay. From the Surgeons saving lives to the janitors providing more tissues for crying eyes, each staff member is truly a gift.

We feel connected to the buildings, to the cardiac floor, and the halls. We recognize staff when we walk through the building and while that means we have been there too many times, it comforts us.

The bright color walls and patient-artwork hung on the walls is a reminder that these facilities are for our sweet babies. Our terrible-two toddlers. Our growing kids. And even our teens. CHOA hasn't missed one detail when it comes to making any age child feel "at home."

There are smiles and laughs. And screams and cries. There are flags flown for the transplant surgery days and care for the parents and families leaving with empty arms.

Until you have lived in these halls it is hard to explain the sense of calm that you feel during every bit of chaos.

These buildings are so much more than brick and mortar. They are Hope. Determination. Strength. Kindness. Hospitality. Comfort. and so much more.

We will always try to give back to the halls that gave us so much, so they can keep on giving to the next 1 in 100.

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