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Good Ole Tag

If you have a second, please say a little prayer for this fighter tomorrow morning. He will be having a procedure to remove his skin tag (and one other minor thing) tomorrow around 7 am. ------

Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for since we first met this guy. The day we say goodbye to the skin tag on Nolan's cheek. And to be honest, now that it is here, I am a little sad.

I remember when he was first born thinking "how quickly can we get 'that' off?" and today I am taking dozens of pictures to remember this sweet little face with "that."

Isn't it funny how sometimes the things we were most scared of, become so small over time? Like this, the skin tag, it started so much (believe it or not), and now I forget it was even there.

• It started the trail of appointments to find heart condition.

• It is connected to microtia (his little ear).

• It is conversation starters for just about anyone that sees it.

• It led us to the confirmation that it was PART OF HIS EAR that didn't form correctly and ended up on his cheek (Yes, that is true!)

And now, I can't imagine him without it.

Maybe I am feeling extra emotional at the thought that this is his first procedure since his heart surgery. Or that we will have to face the halls from the scariest week of our lives (heart surgery recovery). But I have ALL. THE. FEELINGS TODAY.

This is part of him. It is part of his story. Yes, there are negatives to the skin tag, but today I am only remembering the positives. Today I am remembering to embrace differences. And I will forever remember cute "that" looks with Nolan's giant grin ❤️

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Love and prayers to you all!


Prayers for this sweet little guy and his parents. Hugs, MES


Prayers are provided! I’m sure it will be challenging for all three of you. It is also a new beginning of AST - After Skin Tag. Because of everything you have need through together, Nolan has a lifetime of new beginnings for you to all look forward to. With love and prayers!

Leah 🎅🏻

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