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Deja Vu

Before reading this post you need to head over to the Post Surgery Update post.

This morning we heard from Nolan's cardiologist. We will be heading to CHOA on Tuesday morning for a direct admission into the Cardiac Stepdown Unit (CSU).

On Tuesday they will take an echocardiogram to make sure they have the most up to date information.

If there is a significant improvement in heart function, they will start Nolan on heart medication and keep him for a few days. If not, (this is what they are expecting, we will prepare for a procedure on Wednesday.

Right now his team is leaning towards a CT scan, but they first want to review the echo scheduled for Tuesday before deciding on a CT scan vs. heart catheterization. The CT scan is non-invasive, but will not show pressures in the heart. We trust his medical team to make the best decision for Nolan.

We are clinging to the hope that there is nothing wrong with his Coronary Arteries. We need prayers specifically for this.

We have been told his medical team would be "surprised" if there was a problem with the arteries; however, this decreased function is "uncommon" so that want a holistic view of the heart.

We are scared but ready for answers. We know the worst case scenarios and the best case. Nolan needs a break, and we are in constant prayer for the best case scenarios.

Please keep our family in your thoughts over the next week. Our best case is this truly turns out to be a precautionary procedure, Nolan responds well to the heart medication, and we are home by Christmas.

Thank you for supporting us. We are thankful for the army of prayer warriors support our heart warrior.

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