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Nolan had a cardiologist appointment today and his heart function has increased so much the doctor is SHOCKED (Like they can't believe how much it was improved in 2 months). Because of this significant jump, they no longer think his post heart surgery heart failure will be a lifelong problem, and that he will outgrow it!!!! (These are words we never thought we would hear).

Normally they increase his heart failure medication and diuretics based on his weight, but today the doctor decided he did not want to increase them but instead let Nolan start to "grow out of them". So basically natural weaning as he gets bigger. And we even get to stop one of his 3 diuretics completely!!

We go back in 3 months and that will be 5 months since his last heart failure medication adjustment. The doctor said that will give us a much better idea of long term function. He said he wants to confirm today was not a fluke (even though he doesn't think it was), he just likes to be extra cautious.

The wall of the heart that was operated on was the part in question and that is what is looking good now. It has thickened and is moving much more like the wall that was not operated on. He said he feels he can conclude that his heart just needed more time based on the size of the repair and that his heart did not like being stopped during surgery.

We are in shock (but the good kind)! And the doctor said that this was the best case scenario.

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS. We have felt them. God is good.

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Jani Forest-wyatt
Jani Forest-wyatt
Apr 11, 2019

Wow! So happy for you all and especially for Nolan. That's the most wonderful news. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the journey from so far away. Nolan looks more adorable each day!

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