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4 Months Old!

Happy Four Months Nolan!

Time is still flying, you are still growing before our eyes, and we are continually falling more in love with you every day.

This month you have developed your own little personality. You already know what you don’t like, and you know how to show you. You are a little bit stubborn already but a whole lot of happy. You smile is contagious, and you make everyone around you smile too.

This month was hard. We found out that you will have to have Open Heart Surgery. I hate that we can’t take this away from you.

We promise you are in the best hands of some of the best doctors in the country. After surgery, you will feel so much better so we are choosing to believe this surgery will be a gift.

You are so strong, and I know you continue to be. You keep amazing us, and I know your strength through surgery won’t be any different.

Nolan, we are so thankful we get to be your parents.


Mom and Dad

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1 Comment

He is equally lucky and blessed to have you both as his parents❤️🙏

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