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18 Days Away

Today I woke up and couldn’t stop staring at this little one. He is the happiest baby and loves to laugh. We are so lucky. ⁣⁣

Some moments I forget about his heart condition. But this morning the thought of his upcoming surgery was weighing heavy. ⁣⁣

Some days I still can’t believe this is our journey. I would never want to “change” Nolan but I wish I could take his place in the operating room. ⁣

I have connected with some amazing heart moms that have made this journey a bit easier. They get it. They lived this. Their babies are so much stronger as a result of their scars.

18 days. Eighteen 18. November 8th is fast approaching.

We keep getting told how much he will change after surgery. I don’t fully understand how but I am excited for his heart to not have to work so hard.

We will get through this. One day at a time and whole lot of prayer.

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Jani Forest-wyatt
Jani Forest-wyatt
21 okt. 2018

Lots of love and prayers. Holding Nolan in my heart and seeing him with so much energy as I meditate upon his healing. He's just the most gorgeous little chap. His smile is enchanting. You and Joel are amazing parents and his extended families adore him so much too. Nolan couldn't have better people on his team. Sending hugs Laina.

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