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I want to hear from you! 

 “Share Your Story” is a way to learn about you and your family and get a glimpse into your journey that got you to where you are today.


Maybe your child has a certain diagnosis, and you want to spread awareness; perhaps you are part of a movement or cause that you want to bring awareness to; or maybe you want to meet people that can relate to the challenges and joys of parenthood.  Whatever makes your family unique is what I would like to share.


Additionally, please answer these three questions at the end of your story:

1) If you could go back in time to before any of your exceptional circumstances, what would you tell yourself? 

2) What advice would you give someone just starting the journey you have already walked?

3) What is one wish you have for your family?


I appreciate your interest in sharing your story. I believe that the more we can share and connect, the more knowledge and acceptance we can try to foster. Awareness creates acceptance and I can’t thank you enough for letting us walk this journey with you.  Though we all have different stories, we are all connected through wanting our children to have more and live without limits! 


Please send your story to

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