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Shush Those Babies!

It’s hard to believe that a year ago we were preparing for Nolan’s open heart surgery (November 15 will be 1 year). It somehow feels like it was yesterday and also decades ago. ⁣

Back in May (for Nolan’s first birthday) we raised money to donate baby shushers to every room on the Cardiac Floor of CHOA Egleston. They were a huge hit with parents and hospital staff, so we are hoping to donate even more to the amazing hospital that gave our son a chance life. ⁣

We chose the baby shusher because this one small sound machine helps 3 sets of people in one. ⁣

1) It helps soothe a child during their inpatient recovery.⁣

2) It helps the parents drown out the noise of the hospital, and have a secret weapon to soothe their child. ⁣

3) It helps nurses, techs, and even doctors soothe the children they are working with, or soothe the children that are recovering alone. ⁣

For $20 you can help us reach our goal, and help 1 more child rest easier during their recovery. ⁣

Thank you for being part of this big effort to stock CHOA Egleston with a baby shusher for each room!

Venmo: @storyofmoore


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