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Last week the editor of the Forsyth County News Paper came across our Baby Shusher fundraiser and reached out to do a story on us.

On Thursday, a photographer and writer came to the house to interview us. This was our first experience doing an interview and it was fun to be involved in the process.

The writer sat down and asked us minimum questions but recorded the entire thing. We told him our story. We laughed. We cried. We got off topic. We told our story about what got us to this point.

The photogapher was very young but we were blown away by his images and professionalism. He took candid shots while we spoke, and Nolan was very intrigued by all of the equipment.

At the end of the interview we found out the story would be printed on Sunday! We were thrilled to have such a quick turn around.

This morning I received this picture from a friend...


We were shocked and blown away. We thought this would be a small article, but never dreamed of it being so prominent!

Our original goal was to raise $2,400, but we reached that on Friday night. We upped the goal by $1,200 (each $1,200 is enough for a floor of beds at CHOA). The new goal is $3,600 and due to the popularity of the article we are only $520 away from our goal!!!!!

Here is the link to the full article. We are so happy with how it turned out:

To view our goal, or to donate please use the link below:

Huge thank you to everyone who has donate. We appreciate you supporting our family and our story!

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You deserve to be on the Front Page - with the wonderful story of Nolan the Warrior, and the generous spirit you both have to create this fundraiser for other children and families! 💗

Me gusta
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